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10 Sites for Free and Legal MP3 Downloads

There is a veritable minefield of sites awaiting prospective folks looking for MP3 downloads. Many are unlawful, many are a mixture of authorized and unlawful, however some ARE wholly authorized. They have free and authorized MP3 recordsdata for obtain to anybody who desires them. The high quality of the music at such websites is debatable. I suppose it depends on what kind of music you're into. Though some of the free and legal websites do record music by known bands and artists. In these instances the record labels and artists have given permission for the music to be freely distributed. Here is a list of sites which have free and authorized MP3's out there for obtain.

1. 3hive

3hive is a music weblog which has been going for quite a while. It tends to have evaluations and heads-ups of up and coming indie and different bands. The really feel of the location is pleasant and the standard of the MP3's is superb. I can highly recommend this blog and there may be normally a brand new band added every day.

2. Largehearted Boy

This is one other weblog which has new MP3's to download on a daily basis. The website concentrates on literature, music news and music downloads and the quantity is actually very impressive. Again, the music is mostly indie and alternative in fashion, although there are some big names of the rock world too.

3. Stereogum

Stereogum is probably probably the most visited music blog on the earth. It is an eclectic mixture of the most recent music news, some tabloid gossip, new music click videos and newly distributed MP3's, a lot of which are unique to the location. It is up to date daily and always has one thing of curiosity to hearken to.

four. Chromewaves

Chromewaves is an excellent music weblog with daily updates. It features articles about new and rising indie artists and consists of MP3 obtain hyperlinks through the band's own official website and document label. There's always a lot to get your enamel into and a large spectrum of music to obtain. The site appears good as nicely, which is at all times nice.

5. Discontent

This is a comparatively new website , out of Australia I believe, which spawned from the old fat planet weblog. It includes a good line in dance and electronica MP3's that are taken from official band web sites and document labels.

6. Free Albums Galore

It's not just particular person songs which can be found to obtain. This long standing and well respected site options totally free and legal MP3 albums to obtain. The high quality is a little hit and miss and a few of the artists are a not well known, but on the entire it's a good archive of freely available legal downloads in album kind. Expect to search out a lot of netlabel releases mixed in with some larger named artists and some undiscovered gems. Worth bookmarking for sure.


This intensive web site is often ignored when it comes to free and legal music. It's an enormous library of MP3's simply waiting to be downloaded. There are many categories together with the great Live Music Archive which has masses of live reveals donated by bands who have agreed their gigs may be recorded. Theses usually are not unknown bands both, there are some big big names right here. Other categories embrace the Grateful Dead archive, the Netlabel archive, audio books and a complete lot more. Excellent web site.

eight. Classiccat.web

As the name suggests, this can be a site dedicated to free and authorized classical music. All the well-known and necessary composers are here, and many which you'll not have heard of. It's an extensive library of classical music in MP3 format.


For those of you who haven't heard about this site, it is a huge directory of all kinds, style and genres of music which is freely available for download. There are bands huge and small here, and a few actual gems can be found with slightly little bit of digging.

10. BetterPopaganda

BetterPopaganda is an internet music magazine which features music information and the latest muscial releases. However it comes into its own with its MP3 downloads. New MP3's are added each day from the most effective indie and different artists around. Another excellent place to find something new to take heed to.

Anyway, hope this small record of web sites helps you find one thing value popping in your ipod.
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